The Learning Haven International (HAVEN) is a Filipino-run Education Center in HCM offering K-12 (In-school & homeschool) using an international curriculum. We are an affiliate of The Learning Place International (TLP), UPLB, Philippines and a franchisee of Instant Reader.    


Since its inception in September 2014, Haven has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based education and interventions to its learners, both in Ho Chi Minh and the whole of Vietnam. It is a 100% Asian company, driven by its team’s passion for education, training and development and more than 100% commitment to delivering excellent services. The school is on a mission to raise and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them relevant 21st century education.

Haven aims at being a school of influence, growing its branches in every village, city and province with a very strong educational foundation recognizing and respecting the uniqueness and the individual needs of every learner. It take pride in its teachers and staff being trained, committed, empowered to raise new generations of leaders who display an inclination towards productivity and creativity, whose students are equipped to make a competent personal choices and wise decisions that would enable them to withstand today’s trials and temptations.

The school inculcates a surrounding where mistakes are not reasons for failure and punishment but considered as opportunities to create new learning situations; where students are trained to set goals, making them responsible and accountable for their own actions; where students are zealous with so much information about variety of subjects, relevant to their personal growth and development; where students are stewards of their parents’ resources, able to understand value and apply financial skills early in life.

HAVEN boasts about being a place where students have a growing passion and enthusiasm to attend school, where their talents, capabilities and ideas are considered, honed, and appreciated; where parents are considered as partners; where assignments are not additional burdens for mothers and fathers to complete; a school where off-school hours should be occasions for more quality time interactions among the members of the family, whose head is God, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is excellence in education. It molds and builds its students character by ministering to their spiritual lives as well.

“The Learning Haven International strives to deliver qualitative and holistic education to raise and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them relevant and contemporary education, all for the glory of God.”

A learning culture which caters to every single student irrespective of their cultural background, intellectual capabilities and age criteria, is unquestionably an innovative and promising approach towards education. This kind of an approach is what the Haven of Excellence International Learning Center & Consultancy exhibits as its niche. The school provides unique and diverse education programs such as Kindergarten to Grade12 in-school and distance learning programs, one-of-a-kind English and Music programs for children, youth and adults alike, including Special Education programs for learners with special needs, learning difficulties and disorders who are residing in Vietnam